Travel Vaccinations

If you are travelling outside the UK, you may to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. 

In the UK, the childhood vaccination programme protects you against a number of diseases, but doesn't cover most of the infectious diseases found overseas. 

What jabs do I need?

You can find out which vaccinations are necessary or recommended for the areas you are visiting on these two websites - 

NHS Fit for Travel -

National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) -

Some countries require you to have an international Certificate of Vaccination of Prophylaxix (ICVP) before you enter.

Many tropical countries in Africa and South America won't accept travellers from an area where there's yellow fever unless they can prove they've been vaccinated against it.

Where do I get my jabs?

Not all vaccinations are available free from the NHS, even if they are recommended for travel to a certain area.

If you are registered with the practice, you can receive all travel immunisations which are free from the NHS at the Practice. However, we do not operate a travel clinic or provide private prescriptions for travel. 

You can get general advice about travel vaccinations and travel health from the websites above, or from a private travel clinic. We have provided some details of private clinics below.

How do I arrange my NHS vaccinations with the practice? 

Contact us at least two weeks before you need the appointment, letting us know which NHS vaccinations you want to have. 

We wil book your vaccination appointment with the nurse and arrange to complete a prescription for you. We will arrange for a local pharmacy to deliver your prescription to us ahead of your appointment. 


Information about local Private Travel Clinics

- Local Private Travel Clinic Information


Other useful website links -

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